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Deer Rutting on Exmoor

Deer Rutting on Exmoor


There is always lots going on around Exmoor, however one thing Exmoor is very famous for is for its large population of Deer. The Red Deer are the UKs largest native land mammals. They can weigh anything up to 190kg and The Red Deer are one of only two of our native species.

In October the deer rutting season starts in the UK. The Rut is when the stag rounds up a group of females for mating, of course every other male wants to do the same so this results in the stag having to drive away the rivals to maintain control over the group of females. The stag does this by constantly bellowing out an echoing roar and if another male approaches the females it can break out into a fight between the males.

The deer rutting is truly spectacular and Exmoor is one of the best places to see it. The Exmoor Safari runs daily from The Exmoor White Horse and can give you one of the best seats in the house to experience this fantastic sight.


Keep and eye on the Exmoor Safari website for news on our Deer Rutting Safari.