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Peter Hendrie Photography

Peter Hendrie Photography

Renowned photographer Pete Hendrie, has captured the heart and spirit of Exmoor through his lens. Exmoor is the Second smallest of all the National parks in the United Kingdom. Netherless, it possesses some of the most diverse and spectacular landscapes to be found anywhere in the country. Peter's photographs of the moor, rarely portray clear azure skies or flatly-sun-drenched landscapes. His images produce a sense of drama through different moods and feelings.  He rises magnificently to the challenge of portraying Exmoor's  uniqueness and special magic, capturing the vibrant colours, dramatic and unspoiled coastline, tumbling rivers, bleak moorland and picturesque villages.

He has also captured the essence and vivid landscapes all around the world. He invites you to share his experience through his website, which displays the vast array and contrast of images that clearly shows his visions as to how an area can be encapsulated with beauty and feeling through the lens of a camera. Peter has released a number of books containing images taken around Exmoor and North Devon. He wants his audience to see how he interprets the landscape, and become moved by the colours and emotion that is different in every image that Peter has taken. The landscapes vary from the colourful, rolling hills around Porlock Vale to the High heaven like mountain trails of Machu Picchu in Peru, or the warm barren dunes of Death Valley to the majestic and romantic city of Paris, the La Ville Lumière ("City of Lights").

Whilst he is out taking pictures, as well as the day to day running of the hotel, Peter also takes the time to share his experience of photography, by leading a number of courses throughout the year around Exmoor. That's not all, Peter also takes the time to do Individual tuition on a one to one basis. For more information and enquiries into the Photograph Courses and Tuition Please Click Here.

More Information please visit Peter Hendrie Photography