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Combe Martin

Combe Martin Seaside Resort


Combe Martin
Seaside resort Combe Martin is a small village on the North Devon coast. It is four miles east of the larger town Ilfracombe, with a population of roughly 2500 people. Unusually, everything is built along one entire street, with the street being over 2 miles long. Often misconceived as the longest village street in England, this is often confused with its Guinness World Record for the longest street party, which they have set. The whole village runs along one whole street due to the narrowness of the valley it can be found in. The valley was forged by the River Umber.


This village is surrounded by stunning scenery, with plenty of exploration to be done and views to be seen. Veering out from the village in both directions is the South West Coastal Path, with miles of countryside walks over the cliff tops. If you go far enough along, you can reach the Hangman cliffs. One is called Great Hangman, the other Little Hangman. Great Hangman is the highest cliff in Southern Britain, with a cliff face which is over 800 feet tall. If you head towards the coastline, you’ll see a beautiful pebbly cove, enclosed by the stunning coastline as well as being surrounded by rockpools when the tide is out. You can also see secluded bays such as Sandy Cove and Wild Pear Beach if you take the coastal path. One last natural attraction you can see is the old silver mine. Combe Martin was once renowned for its silver, with items in the Crown Jewels made from it. Still available to view today are some remaining tunnels and a wheelhouse, with lifted ore from the mines.

Combe Martin has played hosts to many pubs and inns over the ages, yet none is more famous than the Pack O’ Cards. It is famous for having 52 windows (the same number as cards in a pack), 13 rooms (the same number as the different numbers) and 4 floors (as there are 4 suits). The story behind this is that it was built by maverick George Ley in 1700, after winning enough money to build it after gambling over a game of cards. Another man-made attraction which is nearby to Combe Martin is the Combe Martin Wildlife and Dinosaur Park. It offers standard exhibits such as tropical birds and reptiles, and some special shows on falconry and sealions taking place throughout the day. What makes this park stand out from other wildlife parks are its 4 animatronic dinosaur models, which both look and sound realistic. The species of the animatronics are T. Rex, Dilophosaurus, Megalosaurus and Velociraptor. There is also a dinosaur museum showcasing fossils and dinosaur eggs from prehistoric times.