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PorlockThe location of Porlock is simply stunning; nestled into West Somerset, close to the border it shares with North Devon, it is surrounded by nothing but beauty. To the north lies the crystal clear Bristol Channel, elsewhere surrounded by the rolling hills of Exmoor National Park. It is also close to the popular seaside town Minehead.

With it being just a stone's throw away from Exmoor, it is hugely popular with tourists due to the area's natural splendour. It is a small, quaint, and traditional Exmoor village, with a population of roughly 1000 people. Its buildings range from that of the Stone Age to ones from modern times. Just a couple of miles away also is Porlock Weir, a harbour which also has prehistoric roots. The remains of the prehistoric forest can still be seen there at low tide, and recently remains of an Aurochs, an ancient breed of cattle, were found at this very site. Aurochs are now extinct, and nearly all species of domestic cattle have descended from them. The remains are currently on display in Porlock's Visitor Centre.

Porlock is also known for its unique beach. It makes up part of the Exmoor coastline with extends from Combe Martin in Devon to the west up to nearby Minehead. It slightly differs from the majority of the coastline in that the shore evens out from the cliffs to create a mile long ridge of shingle and an inland salt marsh. This area is just a short walk from the centre of Porlock, just don't forget to take your wellies! The perfect place for a walking holiday, Porlock is surrounded by a variety of terrains; hills, woods, farmland, sea marshes and moorland, a great amount of diversity in just one place and a brilliant walking week.

Winner of the Best Large Village in Somerset Award in 2003, out of over 300 villages, Porlock is praised for its accommodation of visitors and tourists. It is host to a variety of pubs, hotels and restaurants, and shops for all your basic needs. Tourist accommodation is also available. One of the things that bring the most tourists to Porlock is the annual deer rutting that takes place close to Porlock, on Exmoor. This is part of the deer's mating season and is an extraordinary sight that you won't be able to see anywhere else in the country. It also plays host to an annual arts festival, which includes live music, talks from authors, plays, and art displays.

Who knew that such a tiny place would be bursting with so many different things to do?