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Quantock Hills

Quantock HillsThe Quantock Hills are an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and are found in Somerset, between Exmoor National Park to the west, and the Mendip hill range to the east. They run for 15 miles between East and West Quantoxhead on the coast of the Bristol Channel, to the Vale of Taunton Deane further south. The hills stretch out near the Somerset towns of Taunton and Bridgwater. Its highest point is Wills Neck, which stands 1261 feet or 384 metres tall.

Mainly, the hilltops are covered by open heathland. Ten percent of the entire world's maritime heathland lies within the boundaries of the Quantocks, which are a relatively small range of hills compared with its neighbour Exmoor. The heathland is dominated by ling heather, bell heather and western gorse. It plays home to and supports many varieties of wildlife. A few of the birds that you can see include ravens, skylarks, whinchats and stonechats. This makes the Quantocks popular with bird watchers in particular. Other wildlife includes many different moths and butterflies. Occasionally, in the early mornings and late evenings you can also spot graceful red deer, though you are more likely to find them in the woodland areas of the hills.

Combes and valleys cut into the sides of the slopes and are surrounded by farmland, forests and woodland as the hills descend to ground level. Small hamlets and settlements can be found by these combes and valleys, taking the place of the first ancient settlers, who came from the Bronze Age and the Iron Age. The Bronze Age settlers lived in round barrows while the people of the Iron Age built iron forts. Silver coins that date back to the Roman times have also been found in one of the Quantocks villages. Now the Quantocks play home to the small populations of its villages and hamlets, and welcome in tourists who come in from all around to view its beauty. It is popular with all sorts of activities such as walking, horse riding, and mountain biking. Though these activities can be done in a number of places around the country, it is unique to do them in the Quantocks due to its stunning view and varied landscapes. The Quantocks are also surrounded by a multiple of places filled with fun places to do, and of course many places to stay. For a peaceful and perfect countryside holiday, the Quantock hills are the place to go.