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Snowdrop Valley

Snowdrop ValleySometimes called Draper's Way, Snowdrop Valley is a valley that surrounds the River Avill, which flows through Exmoor National Park. It is near the village of Wheddon Cross, the highest village on Exmoor, and it is surrounded by Minehead to the North, Dulverton to the South, and Taunton to the East. From the car park at Wheddon Cross will be a park and ride bus service which runs every half hour between 10.30am and 4pm to Snowdrop Valley, with the last bus leaving Snowdrop Valley at 4.50pm. Dogs are welcome on buses at the driver's discretion. This bus service only runs between the 5th and 27th of February.

The reason why Snowdrop Valley is so popular is because throughout February, the valley blooms with beautiful, blossoming snowdrops and paints the area white like a canopy of snow. People come from miles around to see this as it is so picturesque. Coupled with the river Avill and the surrounding natural splendour of Exmoor National Park, it resembles something from a landscape painting.

The snowdrops were probably brought to the area from monks residing in nearby Somerset village Dunster, from around the 13th century. They are a symbol of purity and in medieval times were a symbol of the Christian festival Candlemas, which celebrated the purification of the Virgin Mary.

An alternative to catching the bus to the Valley from Wheddon Cross is walking. The route is marked with snowdrop signposts and goes through the village of Cutcombe, which has a pretty little church worth visiting if you can spare the time. The walking route is mainly downhill, taking roughly 45 minutes to reach Snowdrop Valley, with the route when you get to Snowdrop Valley being circular. The only disadvantage is the walk back up; however it will make for a great day of walking, and allows you to take in more stunning views of Exmoor. After a long hard day of walking, why not retreat to the Exmoor White Horse Inn to put your feet up and enjoy a warm hearty meal? The Inn is not far from Wheddon Cross, is comfortable and luxurious, and has an award-winning bar.

Cars are not permitted to travel down to Snowdrop Valley due to the narrow roads and concerns of the local people, so please take the bus or walk down. Bus tickets cost from £4 for adults, from £2 for 5-15 year olds, and are free for under-5s.