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Blueberries Harvest on Exmoor

31 August 2009

Blueberries Harvest on Exmoor

We are proud to work alongside Simon & Sarah in their hour of need, after they were let down by a supermarket chain. We initially agreed last year to take as many blueberries from their farm from this coming season, to be used in a variety of recipes from Blueberry muffins, Scones, pies and savoury sauces, as well as the production of Blueberry jam, which we hope to commence this autumn. Due to their recent plight we have worked closely with them to try to help promote their Blueberries further afield, as well as here on Exmoor. We've helped with merchandising and promotional material, along with selling blueberries directly to hotel guests. We like to have a close relationship with all local suppliers & producers, to ensure that it truly keeps within the proud tradition of working and promoting one another on Exmoor.



"Exmoor's first blueberry farm, Sharcott Farm in Exford, has struggled to make a profit since it set up, after four years battling with severe weather - from droughts to flooding.

This year the weather has enabled a bumper crop of blueberries, but what should be an occasion for celebration has been overshadowed by the last minute withdrawal of the harvest's main buyer.

It is now hoped local buyers will help out, but they are likely to account for less than 20% of the 1.8 ton crop Simon and Sarah Keily expect to harvest between now and the end of September."

Extract from BBC Somerset Website


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