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Recipe of the Month - October 2010

Exmoor Applewood Cheese, Ham and Pear Stuffed Filo Parcels.



Exmoor Applewood Cheese, Ham and Pear Stuffed Filo Parcels2 x Pears (Williams work well)

200g Smoked Applewood cheese

150g Thick ham cut into small cubes

Pack of Filo Pastry

25g melted butter



1: Cut the pears into small cubes, Grate the cheese and combine with the ham. Add a little cracked black pepper and a drop of olive oil depending on taste.

2: Lay out 4 sheets of pastry and generously cover with melted butter (this will help it to go crispy) lay another sheet on top of that.

3: Put a quarter of the mixture in the middle of the pastry, fold in two opposite corners so that they overlap a little then fold in the remaining points.

4: Put on a grease proof paper lined baking sheet so that the folds are on the bottom, butter the tops.

5: Bake in a hot oven 220c for 10-12 mins

6: Serve on a bed of your favourite salad leaves with a drop of simple vinegarette.