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July - 2011 Treacle Tart and Home Made Custard



Treacle Tart and Home Made Custard

This is a classic English pudding made even more special with a classy homemade custard. I have based this recipe in a 10inch round pie dish that is 1inch deep

You will need;

For the pastry;

500g Plain flour
250g butter or margarine( keep the wrapper to grease the dish)
50g castor sugar
100ml cold water
Pinch of salt

For the filling;

Half a loaf of white bread made into fine breadcrumbs
500g tin of golden treacle

For the custard;

500ml double cream
6 eggs well beaten
100g caster sugar
1x vanilla pod or 1tsp vanilla essence

In a food processor mix the flour, sugar, salt and fat until you have a mixture like fine breadcrumbs, Add the water very slowly until you have a firm but workable dough. Roll this out to about 5mm in thickness so that it covers your ready greased tin with some spare around the edge. Push down into the corners and trim off any excess.

Warm the treacle to make it easy to combine with the breadcrumbs and spoon this mixture into the pastry

Put the tart in a preheated oven at 180 c and bake until the bread mixture starts to just brown it may seem a little soft but it will firm up when cooled.

Mix the eggs, vanilla and sugar together in a large bowl with room to add the cream later for the custard while slowly heating up the cream so that it just comes to the boil. Pour the cream over the eggs and whisk well, pour back into the original cream pan and heat slowly whisking all the time until thickened

By this stage your tart should have cooled enough to cut, divide into portions and serve with lashing of custard