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June 2011 - Exmoor Pheasant with Shallots Recipe

02 June 2011

June 2011 - Exmoor Pheasant with Shallots Recipe




Pan Fried Pheasant Breast with Shallots, Wild Mushrooms and Smoked Bacon Served with a Red Wine Gravy:

This rich and tasty dish is a real winter warmer given a classy finish with the red wine gravy. When cooking the pheasant be careful not to overdo it as the meat can become dry. Try serving on a bed of mashed potato

To feed four people you will need


8x pheasant breast

8x rashers smoked streaky bacon cut into small pieces

200g round or banana shallots cut into quarters

200g mixed wild mushrooms sliced

300ml red wine

200ml chicken stock

4x teaspoon cornflour

Salt and pepper to season

Oil for frying


In a large heavy based sauce pan heat some oil on a medium heat, add the pheasant breasts and fry until well browned then add the shallots, mushrooms and bacon and fry until all the juices have been released and starting to brown a little

Remove the breasts from the pan and put in a warm place

Add the red wine to the pan with the mushroom ,shallot and bacon and turn up the heat to reduce by about one third

Add the stock and bring back to a rapid boil, mix the cornflour with a little water and add slowly stirring all the time until the gravy thickens to how you like it

Season the sauce with salt and pepper

Return the breasts to the sauce mixture and cook on a slow simmer until the juices run clear, then serve.

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