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November 2011 - Baked Avocadoes

Baked Avocadoes

Makes 4-8



4 X Avocadoes

8 X Rashers Of Un-smoked Bacon

4 X Tomatoes

50 grams Grated Cheddar

Parsley for Garnish




Half The Avocadoes and Remove The Stones

Place In an Oven Proof Dish

Cook The Bacon and Cut In To Strips, Slice The Tomatoes And Add to The Bacon

Mix The Cheese with the Bacon And Tomatoes, Leaving a Small Amount of Cheese for Garnish.

Spoon The Mix In To The Avocadoes, Then Sprinkle The Remaining Cheese on top and add the parsley to Garnish.

Bake on Gas Mark 6 untill the Cheese Has Melted.


Served With A Fresh Green Leaf Salad.