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Exmoor Recycling

Exmoor RecyclingImportant to us all and something that every business and household should be, if not already fully committed to, is recycling. Here at The Exmoor White Horse Inn, we like to think that we’ve been committed for a while, but there is always more that we can do! So we’ve teamed up with May Gurney to conduct all things recycling, from separate Cardboard, Glass, Tin, Paper and Plastic, with Food Waste hopefully being conducted later on in the year.

As we speak, we are in consultation with several firms with regard to shredding paper and cardboard which can then be used next door in the White Horse Stable Yard for bedding, along with local farmers as bedding in chicken coups. Also we’re proposing to shred plastic in order that it can then be sent for recycling, as we’re stuck for ideas in how we can use it ourselves or locally, perhaps you might have some ideas? If so your comments would be most welcome. Watch this space for more news!


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