Exmoor Red Deer Rut


Red Deer Rut on Exmoor

Whilst the temperature still remains mild and warm, the increase in precipitation reminds us that Autumn is indeed upon us or fast approaching. To further more enhance this notion, nature has a wonderful way of reminding us of how the seasons change and in particular how animal behaviour plays its role.

Exmoor is famously known for its fine herd of Red Deer which roam freely across its land, or is it!

For those who frequent this glorious national park it is, but for many who don’t, it is presumed that the big red deer herd’s reside in Scotland, which indeed they do, but here on Exmoor we are very proud of what nature has dealt and left on our doorstep for all to admire.

Viewing the Red Deer at anytime of the year is a privilege, but in the Autumn its magical -that is why many visitors descend here to witness this ritual that’s about to take place, through both binoculars and camera lenses. Natural history film crews from around the world along with professional wildlife photographers, capture stunning footage and images as the stags start jousting for position of top dog (Stag) with the enviable position of servicing the hinds which they are all fighting over. It’s not only the spectacle of one stag warding off the others as they approach the herd from different directions but the chasing and clashing of antlers when the argument gets heated. Arriving in the small hours before dawn is also a wonderful time to witness the sound of the roaring stags, which sounds like echos bouncing from Combe to Combe, as different stags are vying for attention as well as warning off potential suitors,

So if you are in any doubt about where to go this Autumn, them visit Exmoor and be wowed over by this experience witness first hand.