A VE Day Postcard from Exmoor – May 8th 2020


May 8th 2020   

Today is a very special day for us all, remembering all those who helped liberate Europe in the Second World War and who’s brave efforts and sacrifices will never be forgotten.





We have spent the last few days putting together a special VE Day Video of Exford  which we really hope you will enjoy watching as much as we enjoyed making it, it really was a real village effort!  Today is a very special day when we celebrate Heroes both Past & Present.








Last week we posted a picture of an adult Tawny Owl in full knowledge that it was only a matter of time before the young owls would surface. We are delighted to inform you that we have now witnessed three beautiful little Tawny Owls napping in the trees in the hostel grounds.



Whilst the weather hasn’t always been the best this last week, outdoor projects have been put temporarily on hold and we have spent our time painting the bar areas and giving them a quick face lift. A positive from a negative being that we have, for the first time, given the paint adequate time to dry before getting back to business – that is our ‘glass half full’ thought for the week.

Please keep safe and well

Best wishes from

Peter, Linda & the Crew at The Exmoor White Horse Inn