A Postcard from Exmoor 6 – May 16th 2020

May 16th 2020   

Life in lock down continues at a strange rhythm which we must confess we still haven’t been able to adjust to completely.
Last week the video for V.E Day was our primary focus from Wednesday until we posted it online on Friday, and in that time our owl fledglings found their wings and moved across to the opposite river bank, we can still hear them but alas we think that this is the last we will see of them.
Bluebells on Exmoor
Exmoor Ponies
With the temperatures fluctuating this week we have seen an extremely hard frost which has caused havoc with early planting on Exmoor – with people focusing on their gardens perhaps throwing caution to the wind and forgetting that Exmoor can deliver some pretty extreme weather, even at this time of the year.
That said we are back outside painting the Devon Lady which sits at the rear of the Youth Hostel and the Bike shed – these are jobs which we have been wanting to do since we took on the Youth Hostel but haven’t had the time to.
Beekeeping on Exmoor
Pheasant Eggs
Peter goes from strength to strength with his bee keeping, the bees continue to thrive and this week saw his first hands on session tapping the honey and checking on the general health of the bees. Word must have gotten out as we have discovered two new communities of bumble bees in the wooden cladding of the hostel and in the lawn.
It has been a delight having time to appreciate the amount of wildlife we have in the grounds, Vincent has been patiently watching a nesting pheasant who took up residence in the wild garlic about a week and a half ago and has shared his photograph.
Work indoors sees us working hard to make sure that when we open, our customers and staff will be protected and comfortable as possible.
In the meantime stay safe, stay well and stay home.
Best wishes from Peter, Linda & the Crew at The Exmoor White Horse Inn