A Postcard from Exmoor 6 – May 16th 2020

May 16th 2020    Life in lock down continues at a strange rhythm which we must confess we still haven’t been able to adjust to completely. Last week the video for V.E Day was our primary focus from Wednesday until we posted it online on Friday, and in that time our owl fledglings found their wings and moved across to the opposite river bank, we can still hear them but alas we think that this is the last we will see of them. With the temperatures fluctuating this week we have seen an extremely hard frost which has caused havoc with early planting on Exmoor – with people focusing on their gardens more »

A Postcard from Exmoor 4 – May 1st 2020

May 1st 2020    Literally, it feels like only yesterday that we sent out our first “Postcard from Exmoor” to keep yeveryone informed as to what has been happening here at The Exmoor White Horse, and we now find ourselves at Week 4. Having enjoyed a sustained period of sunny weather over the past couple of weeks we are now experiencing several days of rain which the garden sorely needs, but which has scuppered a couple of projects we were hoping to finish – on the plus side the wild flower bed is finished and apple trees planted.         News about the Exmoor Community Shop – from more »

A Postcard from Exmoor 3 – April 24th 2020

  April 24th 2020    This week at The Exmoor White Horse we have been clearing and tidying the outside spaces – there seem to be a million and one jobs that need attention so we flit like butterflies between the Hotel & the Hostel. Although we haven’t seen our son Lewis for over a month now, his focus of attention had previously been on developing and extending the beer garden area by the river – working tirelessly through downpour after downpour at the beginning of the year until he was forced to down tools due to the lockdown. It is quite ironic that since then, the weather has been more »

A Postcard from Exmoor 2 – April 16th 2020

  April 16th 2020    Firstly, a well deserved pat on the back to everyone for staying at home and protecting the NHS over the Easter Weekend – made especially difficult we know due to the wonderful weather but Exmoor remained quiet and unvisited – apart from by the wildlife! We feel so grateful and humble as we have had the opportunity to enjoy the National Park whilst taking exercise, as well as starting a couple of projects in the Hostel Gardens. We applaud all of you who haven’t got access to the outdoor spaces as for you the isolation is so much more difficult.   Our Community Shop is gaining more »