Exmoor Dark Skies

In 2011 Exmoor was designated Europes first Dark Sky Reserve. Due in part to our very low levels of light pollution we benefit – we share a commitment to protect the environment and enhance the biodiversity and dark skies of the area.

Exmoor on a clear night offers a theatrical view of the Milky Way, all the major constellations, nebulas (bright clouds of gas and dust) and shooting stars. Armed with a star chart or one of the many great Apps that are available online, a pair of binoculars or indeed your natural eyesight, visitors are able to witness the spectacular array of Planets, Stars, and Constellations like the Plough and Orion.

There is a unique sense of peace that accompanies the experience, time reflecting on our place in the universe – whilst providing special opportunities to enjoy both the sights and the sounds of nature at night on Exmoor

We can offer help and information on self guided walks just outside the village and offer alternative suggestions, equipment and knowledge to enhance your experience.

For those of you with an interest in photography, being able to capture the core of the Milky-Way, visible above the horizon in the northern hemisphere between April & October, is an absolute delight – Peter has captured this perfectly in the images below.  His Astrophotography workshops run throughout the season and can be booked with the hotel direct. Ideal for couples or small groups from April until the end of October.

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