Our Exmoor Environment

At the Exmoor White Horse Inn we would like you to help us keep Exmoor National Park special.

•  Use public transport wherever possible. Quiet country lanes are part of Exmoor’s unique quality.
•  If you use a car, take others with you. We all like to see the beautiful scenery, not car parks.
•  Buy locally to strengthen Exmoor’s economyCare for Exmoor by
•  Taking your litter home (bins available at the Inn)


Using less water and energy

Did you know?

•  A running tap uses 10 litres of water every minute. Think how much you can save by just filling a glass when brushing your teeth.
•  Flushing the loo uses nearly 10 litres of water each time.
•  15% of electricity used can be saved by switching off lights when leaving a room.
•  Don’t see red – switch off stand-by buttons on the TV; this is power being paid for but not used.
•  Keep doors and windows closed when the heating is on.

Care more for Exmoor means that you can enjoy Exmoor while doing something practical to help conserve, enhance and contribute to its protection for all our children and for generations to come.